Saturday, December 22, 2012

get that sleep under control

at least its light outside.
i really am sick of my farming wake up times, but it will get sorted i suppose.
i am also sick of having to sign out of my email so i can write this, Google don't plan for those inconsistent human beings like me.
yesterday i made two songs to complete the five accapella tunes for the latest hi god people project a psycogeoraphic musical.
looking forward to working on it and were looking at performance dates of mar/april.
also the inevitable orbit album 'block dissolve' is mixed and were looking at march as a release date, which means that period is looking busy for thee.

Nice to have a few weeks off, and I've got no plans. the thing for me is if i go away, there's going to be people everywhere on their holidays, maybe a bit of country visit-in, but i don't know.
i did sleep well last night, but i'd like a few hours more. i admire those that can sleep in past 11 am, its not my thing and it never will be. oh when i was younger i used to get up at 10am having gone to bed at 3am,but if that happened now id only be able to make it till 7am. i'm sure this is engrossing reading.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

is my minor cold keeping me up or is it my will

been too long since i made a post in this world. i'm up way too early and i'm wondering if the cold i have is responsible or if its just my will. i do know i'm sick of work and am looking forward to some xmas holiday time.
whats been going on well kiddies, i must say that something has been afoot, mainly work, and stress that comes with a heavy workload, and being in command for awhile.
creatively there's been another magazine, and recording and mixing the inevitable orbit debut, and now its done. the album is called block dissolve and will be available on vinyl only in march hopefully. 
there's plans afoot for a few hi god peeps shows march, aprilish.
two new songs for the psycho-geographic musical, with 3 more to come.
lots of albums to listen to, books to read and colds to conquer.
gee i wish i could tell you something amazing in my life but is been humming in a pretty nice fashion all year

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

takes one to know

hello blog watchers everywhere,
way too busy lately, i'm going through a lazy patch, but i will get back on the wagon after this week.
performed last weekend at tcb gallery in chinatown, its a classic case of it looking better on the video than it felt internally, still i had a good time and it was a fun afternoon. melbournse very own scratch orchestra, were ably lead by admiral natannn greyyyeee, and were most entertaining, and a talk about slaughterhouses, and animals as a commodity, was intereting. who would have guessed that queen victoria markets was a cemetary, the slaghterhouse, now its a market, and until 1975 they used to kill and skin rabb on the spot. i also found it interesting that people who work in slaughterhouses have lots of mental problems.
jw pan piper of notzsfgg
female element of scrath orchestra

inevitable orbies continue to flood the market, with a support to ned collette, who is a nice guy, nice gutiat player, but hardly moved me with his middle of the road australiana. i was moody, so i felt disconnected, and it was girly issues, but thats all gone under the bridge now and i breathed a sigh of relief.

bi bi

Friday, June 29, 2012

earliii in the mornin

greeti n
my ten blog buddies
1. inevit orbit at NSC last week, good, didnt feel the vibe but i was sooky from somthing,and that is gone.
2. the usual stuff. buhddism, dance workshps, qigong
3. preparing for a performance at tcb gallery, quiet, improv, silly costume
4. dating, but alas it didnt fly to the moon or even to brisbane
5. hols in brisbane, cooran which is inland from noosa

i will finish with a few well chosen words from the sheep i dreamed about last night reciting peotry of kurt schwitters. "keep it real"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

oh streaming oh sun

lazing around at home after a ridiculous week of social activity. i did very little on the weekend, but the week started and hey ho overdrive.
tis all fun
master liu was great I LOVE THE WAY HE SAYS change direction- more like chane diwesion. this is qigong by the way.
gese doga at the gompa was laughing at himself as usual and the venerable micheal was having troublw with his english pronounciation. it waS ALL good.
then last night socialising with a new friend at a tapas bar in fitzroy. ooo theres hope for me yet.

after the revolution-bill fay quickly followed by high on the hog- the puddle,then a short breath till tarot will teach you/burn your money-don cherry. after the applause dies down its time for torrey canyon-serge the hot seathing masses need when the machines rock by tubeway army, and when the smoke is clearing,bebek-sylvia and ayla will show em whats what. ganroku hanami odori- takeshi taurachi and the bunnys will get em driving on the range, then knock em over with ah! berelum-alpay, then dissapear in a band of yellow smoke.

been watching iguana by monte hellman
andrei rubilev-andrei tarkovski
steppenwolf-fred haines only directorial long feature.
smells like reeeves and mortimer and bang bang its reeves and mortimer for the arty film humour valve release
brittania hospital by lindsay anderson
and ive got my jerzy skolimowski set of his polish films to sit through. which im looking forward to.
i forgot privellage by peter watkins thats a good un.

thanks greg allommmm for this link. its mad mad mad so mad i wont download
quite a long post tis nice. bye.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

rian rain

its my day orf (carl orf)
the rain is petting down like an anagey crying god from alpha centauri.
just been spinning Takesi Terauchi, a cool cat of sixties instrumntal gtr in nippon, now i'm about to spin Kim jung mi's now album, make a jump from nippon to south korea, imagine it right now.
kims now bailing at me from a gret high mountain.
Inevitable orbit recorded their first album and it needs to be finished, in july i reckon. its turned out well, and i say boo hoo.
Clag reformation was last sunday and they sound the same even though it was 15 years ago they split, amazing. i love clag in a way thats hard to describe, its their originality but in a subtle way. i guess ive seen then at least 7 or 8 times, maybe more, bek moore.
that will do, its been awhile sinse my last post. rest in peace the one and only robin gibb, here harping on.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ban saw in THORNBURY

keyboard on lap, Vadar by snapper on the stereo, in my white new room as the sander goes off next door, it kind of matches the record.

I'm settling into thornbury life again after a few years, but is happening in darebin, not moreland. i only miss merri creek, buts its not that far away.

Apart from moving in, this easter has been quiet, the house usually is too its just the handayman infection has hit my neigbour.

heres a pecture. i've always hated that color of brick, now its my home. If theres ever anything on at the thornbury theatre, its just down the end of my street. maybe i should frequent tago mago cafe on high street and sing bring me coffee or tea in my best damo suzuki voice.